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Welcome to the sixth and final newsletter of the OIKONET project, co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union, 2013-2016. This project has created a collaborative platform to promote the study of contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective by encompassing the multiple dimensions which condition the forms of dwelling in today’s societies (architectural, urban, environmental, economic, cultural and social). Participatory actions and pedagogical and research activities have brought together various stakeholders and multiple disciplines. Thirty-four partners in twenty-five countries in Europe and around the world have participated in the project activities.

The most relevant actions in the last period of the project have been the third international conference on “Global Dwelling”, held in Manchester in September 2016, and the third international workshop hosted by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, in June 2016. The second edition of the OIKONET MOOC “Housing Design” took place in May/June 2016. In the first semester of the academic year 2016/17, the activity around the collaborative learning spaces continued with the second edition of “Thinking Dwelling” and “Urban Systems”. In recent months, partners have been active in the dissemination of the project outcomes in international conferences such as the ENHR in Belfast and the DOCOMOMO in Lisbon.

The project activities carried out with EU support finished on 31th December 2016. Afterwards, the reports of the work were prepared and they will be released to the public in the coming weeks through the project website. The last output of the project is a book which summarizes the work done by the network during the three-years of activity. This book will be available both in printed and on-line versions in May 2017.

Even though the funding period has ended, the project activities continue. During the second semester of 2016/17, there are two learning spaces active in OIKODOMOS Workspaces: a new learning space “Danube Urban and Cultural Studies”, led by the Faculty of Architecture of Slovak Technical University and the sixth edition of “Introduction to Housing”, led by the School of Architecture of Valencia. Lastly, the program of the first OIKONET Postgraduate Workshop to take place in June 2017 at the School of Architecture in Valencia will be announced soon.


1st OIKONET Postgraduate Workshop
OIKONET starts a series of postgraduate workshops aimed at bringing together researchers interested to explore global dwelling in our contemporary societies from a multidisciplinary and multidimensional perspective. The workshop’s aims are:

- to facilitate the knowledge exchange among young researchers, especially PhD students working in fields related to dwelling in contemporary societies.

- to foster the creation of alliances between researchers and their institutions to continue developing pedagogic and research programs in areas related to the study of contemporary global dwelling.

- to keep developing a framework that brings together pedagogic innovation, housing research and community outreach in order to get a better understanding of today’s forms of dwelling and building.

The first workshop will be hosted by the School of Architecture of Valencia and it will take place on June 2017. If you would like to receive more information, please contact us

Over 60 delegates from 27 countries participated in the third OIKONET “Global Dwelling” conference in Manchester
The third OIKONET conference on “Global Dwelling” took place in Manchester, UK, on September 23, 2016, and was hosted by the Grenfell-Baines Institute of Architecture, School of Art, Design and Fashion, University of Central Lancashire. Around 60 delegates from 27 countries, inside and outside Europe, participated in the conference. 24 papers were presented in the parallel sessions which were structured in three themes: 1. Sustainability of housing environments, 2. Innovation in housing design and planning; and 3. Participation in housing design and construction.

A selection of papers will be published in March by WIT Press. A digital version of the proceedings will be soon available at the project website.

59 students and 25 tutors from 17 schools participated in the third OIKONET international workshop “Renewing / Revitalizing”, in Belgrade
The third OIKONET international workshop took place at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, from 6th to 11th June 2016. This workshop was dedicated to examining strategies that embrace the multiple dimensions, scales and actors involved in the process of creating liveable cities. The area of study was Kosančićev Venac, a historical part of the city of Belgrade. It is a heterogeneous, mixed-use area connecting the Sava riverfront with the main pedestrian zone, next to the Kalemegdan fortress. The preparatory stage of the workshop has been done entirely online, using OIKODOMOS Workspaces. In Belgrade, students were organized in ten teams, each one composed of students from different schools to strengthen the cross-cultural and cross-educational exchange. Each team was tutored by teachers from different institutions. The students’ proposals have been published in the workshop blog. Posters of the proposals have been on display at the “European Centre for Culture and Debate Grad”, in the historical centre of Belgrade. A reportage about the Belgrade workshop appeared in the Serbian Radio Television.

Second edition of the MOOC “Housing Design: from Concept to Fabrication”
The second edition of the OIKONET MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) "Housing Design: from Concept to Fabrication" run in May/June 2016. Following the results of the first 2015 edition of the MOOC, the original program has been reviewed and some of the tasks streamlined to facilitate the work to learners. The learning structure is built around five subjects, each one corresponding to a module of the program: sustainability, energy efficiency, parametric design, digital fabrication, and participatory processes. The five modules led participants from social considerations for design of a simple model of a “Play house” up to the final outputs required for digital fabrication. Over 200 learners were following the MOOC activities in this second edition.

OIKOPEDIA -the OIKODOMOS Wikipedia- has been upgraded with 30 new entries written by OIKONET partners. The topics cover a wide range of issues which have been debated among the members of the Housing Research subnetwork, including: Affordable Housing, Urban Regeneration, Gentrification, Participation, Energy performance, and Sustainability. These entries are available in English, and also in French, Italian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Turkish.

Learning spaces
27 international bachelor and master students in architecture will participate in the OIKONET elective at the Faculty of Architecture KU Leuven this spring semester. In previous years this elective addressed topics as “Threshold Matters” and “Small is Power”. On this occasion the topic will be “A Moment of Architecture” and it is intended to be a designerly reflection about the interrelationships between private and public realms. Teachers and researchers from UCLan- Grenfell-Baines Institute of Architecture, UK and from the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, University of Aalborg, Denmark, will participate in the elective course. You can follow the activities of the elective course in this Facebook group.

“Danube Urban and Cultural Studies” is a new learning space led by the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak Technical University which will run during the spring semester 2016/2017. Three new partners will be involved in this learning space: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary; Technische Universität Wien, Austria; and Donau Universität Krems, Austria. The purpose of the learning activities will be to identify, analyze and apply strategies to strengthen the Danube regional cultural identity by fostering transnational cultural ties between the settlements along the river.

The second edition of the learning space “Urban Systems” was carried out in conjunction with “Research seminar on contemporary housing” conducted at the School of Architecture La Salle. As in the previous edition, the activities focused on understanding cities from a systems perspective. In this edition, the case studies were four urban axes in the city of Barcelona which concentrate the city’s activities around them. At the end of the seminar, students presented their proposals in a public hearing at Can Felipa, a community centre in the area of Poble Nou. Representatives of neighbours’ associations and urban activists attended the presentations and participated in a debate with students and teachers. The work done in the seminar was discussed in a colloquium broadcasted by Radio Ciutat Vella, a local radio station. An exhibition of the students’ works will be on display in the Can Felipa community center during April 2017.

On September 14th 2016 started the second edition of the “Thinking Dwelling” program at the School of Architecture La Salle. In the week from 19th to 23th September, students and teachers participated in a joint reflection about dwelling in our contemporary societies. Five presentations by faculty members followed by a discussion took place in the exhibition space especially organized for this event. The recorded presentations are accessible at the OIKONET YouTube channel.

Conference Papers, Articles
Carla Sentieri has presented a paper to the conference “JIDA'16. IV Jornadas sobre innovación docente en arquitectura” which took place in Valencia, Spain, on 20th and 21st October, 2016. The paper titled “The integration of a collaborative platform with the design studio: a reflection about the participation in the OIKONET project” summarizes the experience of the participation of the School of Architecture of Valencia in OIKONET, in particular, the work done in the learning space “Introduction to Housing”, which the school is leading since the academic year 2013/14.

Sandra Marques Pereira, from the University Institute of Lisbon, and Jim Roche, from the Dublin School of Architecture, DIT, have presented the paper “Across Disciplinary and National Borders: a pedagogical tool for re-use” at the 14th International Docomomo Conference that took place in, Lisbon, Portugal, from 6th to 9th September 2016. The paper contains a reflection on the work done at the first international OIKONET workshop, dedicated to analysing formal and informal settlements in Lisbon.

Leandro Madrazo and Angel Martin presented the paper “Developing strategies for sustainable neighbourhoods” at the conference of the European Network for Housing Research conference in Belfast. The paper summarizes the work done in the learning space “Housing Systems” which was dedicated to analyse the superblock model implemented in some areas of the city of Barcelona to improve the city’s liveability.

Upcoming events

April, 2017. Publication of the papers presented at the third OIKONET conference in the book “Global Dwelling. Approaches to Sustainability, Design and Participation”, published by WIT Press.

May, 2017. Publication of the book summarizing the activities of the network. The book will be available in printed and on-line forms. If you are interested to get an exemplar, please contact us

May, 2017. Final reports of the activities done in the three-year project in the three subnetworks – Housing Research, Pedagogical Activities and Community Participation- to be published in the project website.

June, 2017. First OIKONET Postgraduate Workshop will take place at the School of Architecture in Valencia. If you would like to participate, pease contact us

Participatory actions

Participatory action in Rimini, Italy: The Chamber of Architects of Rimini and Heriscape organized a one-day conference in Rimini, September 27, 2016, on the theme “Housing sociale e partecipazione di comunità”. With this opportunity, the outcomes of the participatory action implemented by the two OIKONET partners in Rimini were discussed. The meeting was recorded and it is available in Youtube.


An exhibition with the contributions of participants in the “Thinking Dwelling” program has been on display at La Salle School of Architecture, at the start of the second edition of this program, from 14th to 30th September 2016.

YouTube Channel

OIKONET YouTube channel is regularly updated with the videos produced in the project. Currently, there have been 3.730 views of the 53 videos produced so far.The last uploads are the presentations of the second edition of the “Thinking Dwelling” program at La Salle School of Architecture.

Project Facebook Page

In OIKONET Facebook page you can have more lively information of the various activities carried out during the project.

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