Publications > “Global Dwelling. Intertwining Research, Community Participation and Pedagogy”

This book summarizes the work carried out by OIKONET network from 2013 to 2016. The book contents have been organized to reproduce the structure of the network and its construction process:
- MAPPINGS reflects the stage of identifying and visualizing the network nodes (people, courses, research topics, case studies). Key issues concerning contemporary housing which have been identified by partners are summarized in this section.
- INTERACTIONS corresponds to the process of finding affinities among partners, subjects and areas of interest, in order to foster an interdisciplinary study of housing, in its global dimension. Interrelationships between Housing Research, Community Participation and Pedagogical Activities have been explored in order to delineate potential transactions across the three realms.
-CONFLUENCES refer to the novel territories that have emerged as a result of the interactions across the network. This section includes examples of learning spaces and community actions which were the result of overcoming institutional and disciplinary boundaries, physical distance and cultural differences.


D7.7 OIKOnet reader




Charalambous, Dr. Nadia

Papa, Dorina

Marques Pereira, Sandra

Marina, Dr. Ognen

Stenberg, Jenny

Arkar, Ciril

Rivera Crespo, Omayra

Herda, Gregor

Fernández Prajoux, Viviana

Hadjri, Karim

Marti­n Cojo, Angel

Neijenhuis, Laura

Madrazo, Dr. Leandro

Bratuškins, Uģis

Boschi, Filippo

Csizmady, Adrienne

Dhiamanti, Joana

Evans, Adam

Bondars, Edgars

Alkiser-Bregger, Yasemin

Diaconu, Dr. Adriana

Medved, Saso

Duarte, Dr. Paulette

Roche, Jim

Pencic, Divna

Treija, Sandra

Steinø, Dr. Nicolai

Oluremi Durosaiye, Isaiah

Domjan, Suzana

Brito Guterres, António

Zwanenburg, Maria

Zinoski, Dr. Mihajlo

Rato, Vasco

Csanádi, Gábor

Paio, Alexandra

Fryk, Lasse

Sentieri, Dr. Carla


La Salle Architecture Engineering School


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